A New Journey Start Here……

After all this years in Photography and Cinematography field, There are one sector that always give us new challenges and surprise. Which is -The Proposal.

Along this journey as a Photographer and Cinematographer, we had seen difference type of proposal and the one i going to share is one of the most challenging proposal we ever did.

One day afternoon, i got a phone call from a vendor friend, he told me he had a client who wish to do his proposal, according to his idea, he would like us to craft a video that retelling the journey of how he and his lucky girl are met, and how they fall in love.

Based on the information, we will be shooting a short film for him, so we work out day and night to come out the story line, arrange a trip to his hometown to have location scouting and of cause doing talent search for actor who play both of them.

Finally, on that shooting day, we face lots of challenges such as weather issue, limitation on actor time cause one of our actor had to rush back to KL for school, but finally we make it through. Let’s sit back and enjoy The Love story of Mr Yew & Ying.

Khai Khai @ 庆勇
Jin Min @ 晓莹
Yi Xuan @ 巧虹
Xiao Shon @ 舒杰

Cinematography Director : Bobby Lee
Cinematographer: Albert Chuah, Bobby Lee ,C Jue & Steven Yam
Editor: Albert Chuah
Narrator : Steven Yam
Make Up : Alison Chong OPHELOS
Decorate : T2G Events
Location : 太平华联中学,Taiping Lake Garden, Sentosa Villa. Institut Ooi.


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Celebrating Ivan & Cloie – Our Wedding Day (Director Cut)

Congratulation to Ivan and Cloie for their big day. It was lot’s of laughter and cute moments on their wedding day.

From the process of shooting this wonderful event, we get to feel the strong bonding and the love of a sister for her brother. That is why there is a part of a poem from Nicole Horgen that says “A sister doesn’t let her brother suffer, doesn’t sit back and watch as her brother gets hurt.”
Besides that both groom and bride(Ivan& Cloie) are indeed a very adorable couple.


Cinematography Director: Albert Chuah & Bobby Lee
Cinematographers: Steven Yam, Tan Chun Jue, BobbyLee & Albert Chuah
Editor: Albert Chuah

Jin Hock & Siow Thian – Our Wedding Day (Senior Cut)

Cinematography Director: Steven Yam
Cinematographers: Steven Yam & Chai Ling
Photographer : Bennie Photography
Editor: Steven Yam
Wedding Deco By: The Springo Florist House

A Big Congratulation to Jin Hock & Siow Thian for tying the knot. We had travel to Klang, Selangor to capture this Fun and memorable wedding day.

Jin Hock and Siow Thain found us two weeks before their wedding day. They flew us down to KL the night before their wedding shoot, and we decided to take Air Asia night flight. While we arrived at the Penang International Airport, we had been told that our flight was delay until midnight. Finally our flight was came, we arrived KLIA2 and rush to check in our hotel, it was already 3 a.m. and left 3 hours for us slept before started our work.

6 a.m., woke up and Start SHOOT….

The next day morning originally we had to arrive airport at 6 a.m., but we were so unluckily our flight Delayed AGAIN…..and we have to wait  until 11.30 a.m…. sleepy sleepy….zzz….ZZZ….

Anyway, What a special flight delayed delayed experience on this job:) It was compact, tired but it was worth it, because we managed to capture all the memorable moment for these newly wed couple. Let’s enjoy the video!!