A special Pre Wedding session taken in the backyard of my hometown. Everyday there are thousand of vehicles crossing from mainland to Island with this Penang Bridge. But, our lovely couple Jacky and Iris would like to have something difference. They visit Penang bridge with fisherman Sampan.

Lets Enjoy their Special PreWedding Photos in the following video:)


Photo By : Steven Yam

Makeup by : Nana

Gown by : The Joy Bridal Boutique

Location : Penang Bridge, Lone Pine Hotel, Penang Spice Garden, The Edison

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One afternoon, I pick up a phone call from a friend of mine, she told me she is getting married soon. We met up together for Lunch and she told me she is looking for Photog to grab some casual couple portraiture for them.


I make her an offer and gave her some suggestion on the outfit and location to shoot.  She accepted my offer and we decide to do the shooting later in the evening. What a quick respond : )


Let’s Enjoy some of the Candid Photo i had taken for our lovely couple Heng Yee & Bee See in the street of Penang.


Photo By : JW Chin

Location : Beach Street, Suffolk House , Amenian Street




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Our Love Story – A Day On the Catamaran

After 6 years, Finally it comes to this day when Wilson Proposed to Faye. 

Thanks Wilson for giving us the special opportunity to document his lifetime moment on a Catamaran. This was our very 1st assignment on a Catamaran trip cruising along the Cost Line of Penang Waters. 

We are planing to Cruise under  Penang 1st bridge then circle around Pulau Jerejak and passed by Penang 2nd Bridge before heading home.

The weather condition on the day was a big concern for all of us especially we are having a surprise proposal going on. Luckily everything just goes according to plan. Let’s Celebrate their Happness Together. 

Photography By : Steven Yam Photography
Cinematography By : Knotty Studio 
Director : Albert Chuah
Cinematographer : Bobby Lee, C Jue, Steven Yam ,Lee Hong

Special Thanks to Ms Sim at Pen Marine for all the special arrangement, without your support and help all this would not be turn out smoothly. 🙂


Let’s Celebrate Journey of Love with Wilson & Faye

Wilson & Hui Ting Wedding Proposal

After 6 years, Finally it comes to this day when Wilson Proposed to Hui Ting. Thank Wilson Boo for giving us the special opportunity and trust to document his lifetime moment on a Catamaran. The weather condition on the day was a big concern and this was also our first time to capture a wedding proposal on a Catamaran. So most of our crew members were so worried until the big moments happened….Let's Celebrate their Happness Together. Cinematography By : Knotty Studio Director : Albert ChuahCinematographer : Bobby Lee, C Jue, Steven Yam ,Lee Hong#PenMarine #WeddingProposal #proposalIdea #PenangWedding #luxuryProposal #WeddingIdea #Catamaranwedding #Catamaran #LoveStory #LoveInPenang #CelebratingLove #ProposalFilm #Cinematography

Posted by Knotty Studio on 5hb Oktober 2016

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Celebrating Jack & Stacy

A Special day to be remember and celebrate with  Let’s Celebrate the love story of Jack & Stacy

Photo By : JW Chin

Location : Lone Pine Hotel Penang

Jack & Stacy 015

Jack & Stacy 018e

Jack & Stacy 007

Jack & Stacy 028

Jack & Stacy 029

Jack & Stacy 047

Jack & Stacy 049

Jack & Stacy 065

Jack & Stacy 079

Jack & Stacy 055

Jack & Stacy 068

Jack & Stacy 072

Jack & Stacy 131

Jack & Stacy 114

Jack & Stacy 106

Jack & Stacy 166

Jack & Stacy 160

Jack & Stacy 186

Jack & Stacy 192

Jack & Stacy 255

Jack & Stacy 179

Jack & Stacy 342

Jack & Stacy 347

Jack & Stacy 348

Jack & Stacy 314

Jack & Stacy 434

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