A special Pre Wedding session taken in the backyard of my hometown. Everyday there are thousand of vehicles crossing from mainland to Island with this Penang Bridge. But, our lovely couple Jacky and Iris would like to have something difference. They visit Penang bridge with fisherman Sampan.

Lets Enjoy their Special PreWedding Photos in the following video:)


Photo By : Steven Yam

Makeup by : Nana

Gown by : The Joy Bridal Boutique

Location : Penang Bridge, Lone Pine Hotel, Penang Spice Garden, The Edison

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Celebrating Jack & Stacy

A Special day to be remember and celebrate with  Let’s Celebrate the love story of Jack & Stacy

Photo By : JW Chin

Location : Lone Pine Hotel Penang

Jack & Stacy 015

Jack & Stacy 018e

Jack & Stacy 007

Jack & Stacy 028

Jack & Stacy 029

Jack & Stacy 047

Jack & Stacy 049

Jack & Stacy 065

Jack & Stacy 079

Jack & Stacy 055

Jack & Stacy 068

Jack & Stacy 072

Jack & Stacy 131

Jack & Stacy 114

Jack & Stacy 106

Jack & Stacy 166

Jack & Stacy 160

Jack & Stacy 186

Jack & Stacy 192

Jack & Stacy 255

Jack & Stacy 179

Jack & Stacy 342

Jack & Stacy 347

Jack & Stacy 348

Jack & Stacy 314

Jack & Stacy 434

Combined01 Combined02





Celebrating Maybelle & Chew Leng – Our Wedding Day (Director Cut)

It’s all started from dance and drum 11 years ago. Both of them get to know each other through the need of sharing space to practice for their drum and dance in the school. Space and time was limited at that time, so disagreements and also arguments happen between both of them. Without realizing, their love story starts to begin.

Cinematography Director: Albert Chuah
Cinematographers: Albert Chuah
Editor: Albert Chuah

Maybelle & Chew Leng love to dance brings joy to their lives. They presenting to us very romantic dance with their graceful moves as an invitation to their big day. Congrats to Maybelle Tang & Tee Chew Leng!

Cinematography Director: Albert Chuah
Cinematographers: Albert Chuah & StevenYam
Assistant: Chai Ling & Shanna Ooi
Editor: Albert Chuah
Music: Like I’m Gonna Lose you by Megan Trainor & John Legend

It has been 1 year since the day we shoot their proposal. It is so grateful that we are given the opportunity again to capture another chapter of their love life, their wedding day.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish Maybelle & Chew Leng, many wonderful and lovely years to come. We are very excited and looking forward to capturing your many wedding anniversaries to come 🙂

Cinematography Director: Albert Chuah & Bobby Lee
Cinematographers: Albert Chuah, BobbyLee & StevenYam
Editor: Albert Chuah

Jin Hock & Siow Thian – Our Wedding Day (Senior Cut)

Cinematography Director: Steven Yam
Cinematographers: Steven Yam & Chai Ling
Photographer : Bennie Photography
Editor: Steven Yam
Wedding Deco By: The Springo Florist House

A Big Congratulation to Jin Hock & Siow Thian for tying the knot. We had travel to Klang, Selangor to capture this Fun and memorable wedding day.

Jin Hock and Siow Thain found us two weeks before their wedding day. They flew us down to KL the night before their wedding shoot, and we decided to take Air Asia night flight. While we arrived at the Penang International Airport, we had been told that our flight was delay until midnight. Finally our flight was came, we arrived KLIA2 and rush to check in our hotel, it was already 3 a.m. and left 3 hours for us slept before started our work.

6 a.m., woke up and Start SHOOT….

The next day morning originally we had to arrive airport at 6 a.m., but we were so unluckily our flight Delayed AGAIN…..and we have to wait  until 11.30 a.m…. sleepy sleepy….zzz….ZZZ….

Anyway, What a special flight delayed delayed experience on this job:) It was compact, tired but it was worth it, because we managed to capture all the memorable moment for these newly wed couple. Let’s enjoy the video!!



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